About Me


My name is Nicole, and I’m a big-time Foodie, Fitness Enthusiast and when I’m not working on my blog, baking/cooking or working out, I’m either thinking about fitness or food….Or I’m eating!!! I’m 100% Vegan and the transition for me was a gradual process, which I can share with you on the following page here. (Current page is under construction)…stay tuned folks!!!

All of the recipes that I create and share are vegan-friendly; some are gluten-free, and always delicious.  I love creating dishes that everyone can enjoy including those with food allergies and restrictions.

I also have a passion for both strength and isolation training, and have competed in Bikini and Figure competitions in the past. You can find various pics of both my recipes, meals and workouts on Instagram where the idea for my blog was born. Follow me @nicole_cfit

I truly love sharing my enthusiasm for fitness and food with anyone who is interested, especially if it’s over a nice hot tea/coffee and delicious sweet treat!!!

Feel free to contact me for inquiries at fitnfabulousfoodie@gmail.com

Thanks for stopping by!!!